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604 Cartel is an apparel line established in 2014 by Dora Kola, specializing in accessories and knits hand made from love, peace, and gratitude. As the proud founding CEO and designer, Dora Kola creates every product from her own bare hands starting from when she was only seventeen years old!

Through 604 Cartel, Dora has gained infinite opportunities from working with international modelling agencies, to having 604 Cartel‘s own booth at craft fair markets.

604 Cartel is designed for local individuals to represent the lovely city that Vancouver is through products which are all handmade with love, peace, and gratitude.

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It’s easier said than done. Be sure to include specific details with the following to cartel604@hotmail.comyour full name, phone number, address, product information, and whether or not you would like to pick it up (free delivery within the tri-cities/Vancouver area) or have it shipped (world-wide; additional costs).


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