Look Books

Browse through the selected photos from some of my favourite 604 Cartel Look Books that I have gotten to work with talented teams. All head pieces and hand knits are hand made by myself. Click here to view more.

604 Cartel Look Book I
Photographer: Lawrence Li, L2 Photo
Make-Up: Shannon Jones
Models: Joshua Fernandez & Christie Ramanowski



604 Cartel Look Book II
Photographer: Lilly Ann, Lilly Ann Photography
Model: Vanessa Engelbrecht



604 Cartel Look Book III
Photographer: Jason Moderno, Jason Moderno Photography
Model: Dani, Wilhelmina Vancouver
Hairstylist: Shane Artist
MUA: Hanna Hong
Stylist/Artistic Director: Julie Tsai, Ju And Jules


604 Cartel Look Book IV
Photographer: Jason Moderno, Jason Moderno Photography
Model: Liberty Ostig, Wilhelmina Vancouver
Assistant: Julie Tsai, Ju And Jules


604 Cartel Look Book V
Photographer: Roderick Fung, Roderick Fung Creative Media
Models: Cali Stinson & Josh Joubert

MUAH: Alegria Gomez, Makeup By Mama

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604 Cartel Look Book VI
Photographer: Jason Moderno, Jason Moderno Photography
Model: Patrick Sherwood, Family Management
Assistant: Julie Tsai, Ju and Jules

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604 Cartel Look Book IX
Photographer: Iris Ku, Iris Chia Photography
Model: Lindsay Marie, Lindsay Marie


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604 Cartel Look Book X
Photographer: Raymond Wong, RW Photography
Model: Victoria Rose
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Alice iN Dopeland
Photographer: Jenna Vieira, Jenna Vieira
Models: Nichole Jay & Ira Maslinekava
MUAH: Sara Kendall

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Miss Vancouver 2013
Photographer: Maria Hruschak, Maria Hruschak Photography
Model: Ashley Brooks, Miss Vancouver 2013

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604 Cartel Look Book XI
Photographer: Gordon Cheng, GC Photography
MUAH: Sara Kendall
Model: Jessica Nichole, Nichole Jay

604 Cartel Look Book XI 604 Cartel Look Book XI 604 Cartel Look Book XI